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Leadership Specialist and Public Speaker


Lisa C. Willis is a retired WNBA player, USA Team Gold Medalist, UCLA women's basketball stand out, and altogether, an elite athlete. As an athlete, she has reached great levels of success which included the following:

* All-time 3-point leader at UCLA
* UCLA leader in steals
* PAC12 Defensive Player is the Year
* PAC12 Tournament MVP
* USA TEAM Gold Medalist
* WNBA 5th overall pick 
* WNBA 3-point leader

Lisa C. Willis’ playing career ended in 2010 after she tore 3 or the 4 ligaments in her knee.

Willis finds extreme beauty, passion, and significance in the leadership skills she has gained from the game of basketball. Whether it’s effective communication, contrasting role and identity, proper ways to reflect, or the idea of discipline and habits, Willis is a better person because of what she learned as an athlete. She says the biggest leadership skill she’s gained from being an elite athlete is resilience; so she always talks about it.

Today, Willis plays on the stage as a public speaker. She uses sports philosophies and concepts coupled with her experience to empower the following organizations to become leaders with a CRUSH IT mentality:

* Non-profit Organizations                       * Churches                                               * Businesses
* Government Agencies                            * Schools & Universities                     * Sports Teams

Willis has recognized organizations' lack the mental toughness, grit and game plan to become a winning team and decided to do something about it. Through speaking, trainings and workshops Willis shares and implements the elite mentality to execute the game plan.

Speak to Lisa C. Willis today to get the mental toughness needed to CRUSH your goals.